Basic philosophy and News

  • Examples of traditional craftsmanship and high technology are unified.

    Mar 30th,2013

    "Sanshu-Kawara" prosperous as one of the three major places.
    of production in Japan from the Edo period.
    A next-generation tiles is offered from SANSHYU NOYASU.

    The three major places of production = Sanshyu & Sekisyu,Awaji

  • Zero emission

    Mar 30th,2013

    It attests to the first Ministry of Environment industrial waste wide area authorization as a tile maker.

    The company which pursues environmental impact reduction.

  • a column...

    Sep 06th,2013


    In autumn , it is one of the four seasonses,
    and is located before winter after summer.
    The season when a broadleaf tree drops a leaf at and grass withers.
    Grain and fruit fruit and ripen.
    A season comfortable in Japan.

    ・・・Japanese culture(4)

  • Environmental problem

    Feb 27th,2013

    Product development and Manufacturing process
    ...and A physical distribution, a use process...

    The company which is always conscious


  • Ranking top!

    Feb 22th,2013


    It became the top of the company which wants to adopt.
    'Nikkei homebuilder'and'Nikkei architecture'
    It is a top award by the greatest investigation in Japan.

    Double awards of supreise!